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Mutual Dissolution of Partnership

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

On November 1, 2018, W1 Platform - The Hollywood Blockchain and HPB have mutually agreed to dissolve their strategic partnership.This decision was made mutually by both parties based on differences with respect to strategic development.

This separation will have no impact on W1 Platform’s launch plans or its future progress, and in fact to the contrary, at the American Film Market (AFM) 2018, W1 Platform received significant spotlight as well as industry support and admiration, featured its innovative and decentralized Hollywood Blockchain business case, and co-hosted the W1/AFM Blockchain Cocktail Reception and The Blockchain Conference at AFM, ending November 7, 2018.

W1 Platform upcoming launch schedules, features and plans remain the same and unchanged, and will progress forward according to previously established roadmap. Please stay tuned for other significant news and announcements from AFM 2018.

In the event that there is a Chinese translation or other language translation of the announcement, viewer(s) agree that the English version shall always prevail.


2018年11月1日,W1平台 - 好莱坞区块链和HPB双方同意解散其战略合作伙伴关系。这一决定是双方根据战略发展的差异共同作出的。

该解除对W1平台的发布计划或未来的进展无任何影响,实际上恰恰相反,在2018年的美国电影市场展(AFM)上,W1平台获得了举世瞩目的关注,以及影视娱乐行业支持和赞赏W1的创新和去中心化的好莱坞区块链商业模式。 W1并于2018年11月7日在美国电影市场期间,共同举办了W1 / AFM区块链鸡尾酒招待会和影视娱乐区块链论坛会。

W1影视娱乐平台即将推出的时间表,功能和计划等等任然保持不变,并且将根据之前制定的宏伟蓝图向前推进。 请继续关注AFM(美国电影市场展)2018的其他重要新闻和公告。

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