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Raising Funds for Film Production

Updated: Dec 4, 2018

W1 platform™ - the Hollywood Blockchain™ announced the release of W1 Wallet on November 30, 2018. W1 platform is also pleased to announce it's pre STO/ICO phase, which is expected to last until December 24, 2018, with a tentative extension of less than 30 days. During this time W1 platform™ will be raising funds for the production of films, Including Crossroads to Shaolin, as well as for continued development and expansion of W1 Platform™.

All members investing funds into the production of upcoming films will receive a special bonus of 50% in W1s To be distributed to investing members within 500 days. Upon completion of pre STO/ICO phase, W1 platform™ will then enter STO/ICO phase, which will take place and will complete in first quarter 2019.

W1 Platform™ has allocated 100 Million W1's for Pre STO/ICO stage, including the bonuses which will be gifted and distributed among the film investors, as indicated above.

W1 Platform™ expects to gain listing on multiple exchanges, starting after STO/ICO in the latter part of Q1 2019, and continuing into Q2 2019.

“Nonetheless, let W1 Platform's guide on how to get your film funded give you a good glimpse of what’s to come in your long and exciting film making journey ahead. ” Dr. Steven Nia, chairman of W1 Platform - The Hollywood Blockchain.

(from left to right: Boxing Champion Ronald Johnson "American Dream", Drennan Baker Steven Nia, Angelina Leo, Moe Miller, Lee Baker)

Additional updates will be released periodically, so please stay tuned.

Thank you,

W1 Platform™ - The Hollywood Blockchain™

About W1 Platform - The Hollywood Blockchain

W1 Platform™ - The Hollywood Blockchain™, is an entertainment ecosystem based on the advanced blockchain technology, and Smart Web 3.0 infrastructure. W1 Platform™ is designed to be an ultrafast performance blockchain platform and offers a highly sophisticated decentralized blockchain network for secure and accountable financing, production, and global exploitation of Hollywood films, TV, VR, AR, Games, Music and other entertainment contents.

W1 Platform™ defines a new paradigm in the entertainment industry, enabling a decentralized Hollywood business model with Digital Rights Management (DRM). W1 Platform provides Digital IDs to allow users such as producers, filmmakers, composers, and etc. to secure their property rights and to monetize their contents in the form of Digital Assets. W1 Platform empowers users with peer-to-peer (P2P) connectivity, enabling them to conduct desired transactions based on their designated set of rules, all encoded in smart contracts.

The architecture, design, and business model for W1 Platform™ originated from Hollywood based Wardour Studios. The innovations of W1 Platform and its ultra high speed blockchain network culminate into an ultimate entertainment ecosystem, through which hundreds of millions users may enjoy and monetize movies, 4K content creation and distribution, live streaming of TV, concerts, sports, events, catch-up TV, network recording, viewing, gaming, and VR/AR experience of entertainment contents.

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