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Just Finished its Debut Appearance at AFM

Updated: Dec 12, 2018

W1 Platform™ - The Hollywood Blockchain™ just Finished its Debut Appearance at the American Film Market (AFM) 2018, with Stunning Success .

On November 2nd, W1 Platform™ co-hosted, together with AFM, the opening Carousel Cocktail Reception, celebrating W1 Platform’s innovative and successful development and its launch roadmap. Attendees, at this invitation only event, included global entertainment and blockchain industry professionals, Hollywood personalities, media, as well as members of W1 Community.

“W1 Platform’s IP, contents, and entertainment value are strong foundations to support the growth of the platform, and provide a rich community experience. ” Dr. Steven Nia, Chairman of W1 Platform™ - The Hollywood Blockchain™.

On November 3rd, W1 Platform™ presented its entertainment ecosystem at the AFM Blockchain Conference, co-hosted by Wardour Studios and AFM, during which Mr. Steven Nia presented his impactful speech on how W1 Platform's decentralized business model can positively impact Hollywood's business model, by enabling a vast number of content producers to monetize on their creations, while the viewers benefit from a rich entertainment platform and it's innovative blockchain business models.

About W1 Platform - The Hollywood Blockchain

W1 Platform™ - The Hollywood Blockchain™, is an entertainment ecosystem based on the advanced blockchain technology, and Smart Web 3.0 infrastructure. W1 Platform™ is designed to be an ultrafast performance blockchain platform and offers a highly sophisticated decentralized blockchain network for secure and accountable financing, production, and global exploitation of Hollywood films, TV, VR, AR, Games, Music and other entertainment contents.

W1 Platform™ defines a new paradigm in the entertainment industry, enabling a decentralized Hollywood business model with Digital Rights Management (DRM). W1 Platform provides Digital IDs to allow users such as producers, filmmakers, composers, and etc. to secure their property rights and to monetize their contents in the form of Digital Assets. W1 Platform empowers users with peer-to-peer (P2P) connectivity, enabling them to conduct desired transactions based on their designated set of rules, all encoded in smart contracts.

The architecture, design, and business model for W1 Platform™ originated from Hollywood based Wardour Studios. The innovations of W1 Platform and its ultra high speed blockchain network culminate into an ultimate entertainment ecosystem, through which hundreds of millions users may enjoy and monetize movies, 4K content creation and distribution, live streaming of TV, concerts, sports, events, catch-up TV, network recording, viewing, gaming, and VR/AR experience of entertainment contents.

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