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Announcing W1 Online Streaming Platform During Hollywood Stars Oscars® Gala™

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

W1 Platform™ - The Hollywood Blockchain™, ( was the proud major sponsor of the 2019 Wardour Studios™ ( Hollywood Stars Oscars® Gala™ ( at the Beverly Hilton – also benefiting the Ronald McDonald House of Charity.


W1 Platform™ announced it's soon to be launched online streaming Platform for global production, monetization and distribution of content, based on blockchain technology at this high profile Hollywood Gala.

A beautiful red carpet awaited many celebrities in attendance. The theme for this year was celebrating and empowering women in the entertainment industry.

Walking the red carpet into the luxurious Beverly Hilton were many film and TV celebrities, including Philip Righter (Oscar and Emmy winning Producer), Steve Bauer (actor, Nominated for 2 Golden Globes), Vince Bryson (CEO Ronald McDonald House of Charities™) and other celebrities and entertainment professionals.

The show started on the big screen that was center stage in the beautiful Beverly Hilton International Ballroom, as guests were sipping cocktails and getting ready to view the Oscars and dinner. This year, the Academy relied on performances, skits and presenters to move the program along without an official emcee.

Everyone enjoyed themselves with the delicious sit down dinner and after party featuring Paris Hilton’s swimsuit designer Signal Briquelle of Beverly Hills.

The menu started with an exquisite kale and berry salad, followed by herb crusted salmon, and ended with salted caramel ice cream dessert. All accompanied by French wine on the tables, and full hosted bars at the gala!

Steven Nia, Angelina Leo, Angela Zhu, Vince Bryson (from left to right)

Wardour Studios™ (

Wardour Studios is a full service Hollywood film and TV production company, with Film and television IP, as well as expertise in live action and animated films creation, development and production, advanced digital animation and motion capture, film IP creation, development, production, digital distribution and exploitation of ancillary rights, cinematic digital visual effects, virtual and augmented reality, applications of AI (artificial intelligence) and Robotics in production, as well as extensive experience in post production, editing, cinematography, workflow management, and various other aspects of film and TV production and distribution.

Wardour Studios is a state of the art, next generation, film studio, with solid artistic and advanced technology foundation. Wardour Studios is the ultimate digital studio, with expertise in the production and distribution of feature films, TV, visual effects, VR - virtual reality, AR - augmented reality, which is addressing and exploiting the emerging challenges in the global, and specifically in the Hollywood and China entertainment landscape. Wardour Studios continues to grow into a vertically integrated global content platform of increasing diversity, reach and scale. The Company’s portfolio of assets include film and television libraries, a world-class film business and an expanding global distribution footprint.

Wardour Studios’ management has the mission of creating and evolving a truly next generation film studio, which is emerging as a leading global entertainment company, with a fast growing and diversified presence in the motion picture production and distribution, television programming and syndication, home entertainment, family entertainment, digital online distribution, new channel platforms and international distribution and sales.

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